PopAccess is a small utility program that allows quick and powerful access to POP3 servers.
It allows you to view mail headers without downloading the entire e-mail.
Quick delete and the mighty "NUKE!" which will delete all e-mails in your mailserver mailbox.


How to use PopAccess

First thing to do is connect to your pop server, This is done by clicking the "Connect" button and filling in the server, login name and password fields.
When the connection has completed you should see a log of the connection process in the bottom pane and a list of numbers in the left hand pane.

The Lower pane will continue to display a log of all activity in and out while the program is running. Once the program is closed, the log is lost.
The left hand pane, once connected, will display 2 columns of numbers. The first is the message number, assigned by the POP server. The second number is the size, in Bytes, of the message.

Left clicking on an item in the left hand list will download the headers of the e-mail (To, From, Subject, etc.) and display them in the relevant fields. This is quick and painless since only the first few hundred bytes are being downloaded.
Right clicking on an item in the left hand list will prompt you to confirm that you want to download the entire message. If you select "Yes" the entire message will be downloaded and displayed in the central pane. Be aware that attachments and html will be displayed as text.

Selecting one or more items in the left hand list and clicking the "Delete" button will, after confirmation, delete those items which are selected.

Clicking the "NUKE!" button at any time (while connected) will, after confirmation, delete all items in the mailbox.

You must click Disconnected before exiting or your changes will be lost. This is a safety mechanism! If you screw things up and delete/nuke the wrong thing you can simply close the program without clicking disconnect and none of the deletions will have an effect.

That's it, pretty simple really.